The ITB All-Audio QBank for Med School

ITB's All-Audio Qbank for

Want to study while doing other things? Redeem some of that time in the car or while working out? Doing the dishes? Study while brushing your teeth? 

Why an Audio Qbank?

What is the ITB All-Audio Qbank?

The ITB All-Audio Qbank is our answer to the tons of emails and messages of thanks we’ve received from our podcast audience. You guys keep sending encouraging messages and leaving nice reviews about how the ITB podcast has helped you study “on the go.” So we wanted to do even more for you by offering high quality, digestible multiple choice questions in an audio-friendly format.

Plus, the sales of the all-audio Qbank will help us keep the ITB podcast going and help us develop even more resources to help you throughout your medical education.

Who is this for?

There are two versions:

1) ITB’s All-Audio Qbank for First and Second Year (powered by Osmosis): Aimed at 1st or 2nd year medical students with USMLE Step 1 / COMLEX Level 1 content.

2) ITB’s All-Audio Qbank for Clerkships/Step 2 (powered by OnlineMedEd): Aimed at clinical students on their rotations with shelf-exam level and USMLE Step 2 / COMLEX Level 2 content.

When is it going to be released?

We’ve launched and are adding questions monthly until roughly April 2018.

What’s the First/Second year Audio Qbank (powered by Osmosis and Lecturio) Going to have?

Lecturio InsideTheBoards Audio QbankOsmosis InsideTheBoards

What won’t it have?
We’re starting with about 100 questions from the following categories:

– Anatomy
– Behavioral Sciences/Psych
– Biochemistry
– Ethics and Professionalism
– Biostats
– Microbiology
– Pharmacology
– Reproductive

We’ll then be adding about 40-50 questions per month from the following categories:

– Cardiology
– Skin and Skeletal (i.e. Dermatology / MSK)
– Endocrine
– GI
– Heme/Onc
– Immunology
– Nephrology
– Neurosciences
– Respiratory

When all is said and done the 1st and 2nd year version of the audio Qbank will have over 500 questions (curated from the Open Osmosis and Lecturio platforms, which is like 14 hours of audio content).

What’s the Third Year Audio Q-Bank (powered by OnlineMedEd) Going to have?

OnlineMedEd catEverything you’ll need to boost your shelf exam prep and review for Step 2…

During the initial launch phase, we’re focusing on
– Pediatrics
– General Surgery
– Internal Medicine

In the subsequent months we’ll add another ~100 questions covering:
– Ob/Gyn
– Psychiatry
– Family Medicine

Then we’ll be adding about 30 – 40 questions per month to each of those categories plus some high-yield content to cover Emergency Medicine, Neurology, and OMT, so you’ll have all this content when it comes time to prepare for Step 2 or Level 2.

When all is said and done, the 3rd Year version of the audio Qbank will have about 500 questions (again, like 14 hours of material).


Who’s helping you? Where are you getting the content?

You’ve listened to the ITB podcast, so you can trust that we’re picking high yield material that “teaches to the test” in terms of content and which illustrates good test-taking strategy. So we’ve drawn content from two of the best resources for medical school: Osmosis and OnlineMedEd.

We can assure you we’re drawing content from some of the best resources on the market and optimizing them for audio consumption … all the time. Like literally, as I (Patrick) am typing this, I am also editing questions for recording ….

Please note: for a limited time, students who order the product will have access to the content from both versions of the audio Qbank.

How do I access or purchase the audio Qbank?

You need to download the Podbean app for your iOS or Android device to access the content. But there are three ways:

  1. Via a 1-Month, 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month ITB Premium Subscription on Podbean
  2. Or (for a limited time) purchasing through our site (at a greater discount) (see the Sign Me Up buttons) on this page

ITB Premium Membership (featuring access to both version of the All-Audio Qbank)

    Get the Audio Qbank at an introductory discount


    Note: If you purchase through one of the “Sign me Up” buttons on this page, You’ll receive an email from Podbean within 24 hours of purchase with detailed instructions on accessing the content.

    How much is it going to cost?

    We’ll be offering one year access for around $99 with some other options (and specials/discounts) as noted above.

    We get it, med school takes a lot of $$$. Our primary motivation is to help you, the original BoardsInsiders, who have made our podcast so successful. So here’s some other special commitments we want to make to our loyal supporters (because hey, we couldn’t do anything like this without you):

    •  If you’re a second year and you purchase the Audio Qbank in August or September, we’ll give you a couple months of the third-year version of the Qbank for when you start rotations next year.
    • If you’re a third year and you purchase the audio Qbank around launch time, we’ll extend your access until you take Step 2 or Level 2 (if your test dates ends up extending beyond the year).

    Any discounts?

    • If you’re a military medical student (HPSP or USUHS). We’ll hook you up.
    • Watch the social media pages of your favorite student organizations and medical schools, we’ve got our eye on a few groups we like. We’ll be giving some secret discounts to members of a handful of select organization and medical schools.
    • If you have a novel idea or unique situation, let us know. We might be able to work something out.
    • If you have an extra Playstation VR or Oculus you’re willing to part with, I will give you LIFETIME access to anything ITB does … just saying 😉

    In any case, send an email to

    Direct queries about coupon codes, organizing group discounts, or if you think you can help us out in some way in exchange for access to the Qbank to the above email (any website designers or audio engineers out there)?

    Can I get a sample of the content?

    You know it. Stay tuned to the ITB podcast where we’ll be showcasing some examples from our all audio Qbank. But also there’s this…

    Reviews of the All-Audio Qbank from our Beta Testers

    • Listener Testimony
    • Med Student testimony