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Addiction 101

Medical students do not get enough addiction training and we're aiming to help fix that. This series, in collaboration with MiCares, is designed to help students learn the importance of addiction training and how to incorporate it into their skillset. The impact of this field is being recognized and addiction medicine is on track to become a dedicated specialty.

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The Beyond The Pearls Podcast

Based on the Morning Report series from Elsevier, has been adapted for audio in collaboration with series editor, Dr. Raj Dasgupta and the volume editors of the Morning Report series. The podcast features cases from all five volumes covering Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery.

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Previous Series

Step 1 Study Smarter Fest

The "Study Smarter Fest" is an annual podcast series to create step content for medical students to learn or reinforce high yield principles. The series is broken down into a number of episodes that roll out on the podcast over the spring season that cover a variety of topics. This is a great way to study on the go or while doing everyday tasks all while learning quality material for the USMLE Step 1 exam.

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Health Systems Science

In collaboration with The American Medical Association

This series seeks to broaden students’ understanding of the nature of medicine, medical education, and what separates them from other human endeavors. Medicine is not a “pure science,” or a kind of “applied biology.” Rather, it is fundamentally an art that uses science. As a discipline, Health Systems Science considers those ideas and concepts which are integral to medicine as a profession but don’t fall under the domain of the clinical or basic sciences.

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What are students saying about ITB?

  • Thank you for making the InsideTheBoards podcast and audio qbank. I used both while studying for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1. I can remember seeing specific “must know” topics on my exams that you discussed during either the podcast or the audio qbank and it certainly helped me. I will continue to use both products for 3rd year as I prepare for Step/Level2.

  • ITB podcast is the perfect adjunct to normal UFAPS during intensive study time. I put it on a speaker and listen while in the shower. Awesome podcast!

  • I am currently a second year student and I wish that I had found this last year. I thankfully stay average or above in classes, but after listening to this podcast my stress on exams has gone down and my productivity has gone up. My 30-40 minute drive time is now time that I can learn how to think and learn some pretty important topics for when dedicated study time hits!

  • Great resource for medical students. Gives you multiple angles of learning, study tips, life tips, and everything else you'll need.

  • Loving InsideTheBoards! This has been life saving for me as I have ADHD!

    Nanitch - ITB Podcast Review

  • This app has all the things that I need from flash cards, questions and podcasts. Sometimes I just get tired from watching videos so this is a great way to listen to things on the go. I have an hour drive to and from school so it’s a great way to put the app to use. Also whenever I’m working out and need to study, I’ll listen to some audio flash cards or questions and it’s awesome. Would Definitley recommend to my fellow Med students!

    Bvkycchuf - iOS App Review

  • The Audio Qbank is probably my biggest med school resource. I used it for Step 1 and now I’m using it for shelf exams and Step 2 CK studying. The question bank is actually pretty big and challenging plus it’s allowed me to visit my girlfriend on the weekends without feeling guilty about wasting time driving. 10/10 recommend

    goodlifeguild - iOS App Review

  • Best medical app I have seen so far for studying on the goal. Sometimes I just take walks listening to the clinical scenarios

    Enock Chomba - Android App Review

  • Thorough, passionate, easily digestible. The podcasts have a good mix of focused topics and breaks it up so it's more of a casual conversation than a dry lecture.

    AU - Android App Review


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