Episode 000: Intro to the ITB USMLE, COMLEX, and Medical School Podcast

Teaching You to Think like a Question Writer

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Patrick C. Beeman, MD introduces the InsideTheBoards podcast, discusses the plan for the show, tells a bit about his journey on the USMLE, shelf exams, and in medical school. The question of the day concerns a patient with a new onset seizure at 34 weeks gestational age. Also a brief discussion of ITB’s partners Picmonic, MedSchoolCoach, Examguru, and COMQUEST and how using them in the 3rd Year Study Smarter Bundle can help you Study Smarter, Not Harder

Episode Details

In this episode, the question of the day concerns the case of a pregnant woman at 34 weeks gestational age who presents after a new onset seizure.

I discuss our partners in the 3rd Year Study Smarter Bundle: Picmonic, COMQUEST, MedSchoolCoach.com, and ExamGuru and tell you how you can use these resources to succeed on shelf exams and on the wards. I also share a bit of my journey with standardized tests, going from a philosophy major with “meh” scores during my first year medical school coursework to making it to the top of my class. Hint: questions are the key. I also discuss the plans for the ITB podcast

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