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Episode 3: Adeel Yang from Picmonic

Adeel Yang, MD, co-founder of the Picmonic visual learning system, shares his personal test-taking journey, discusses how to approach board questions on high potency anti-psychotics (with bonus Picmonic audio example) and how Picmonic can help you increase your retention by 331% and score over 90th percentile on exams.

Our question of the day concerns anti-psychotics (plus listen to the bonus audio from the High Potency Anti-Psychotic Picmonic. Adeel shares advice on how he studied for his USMLE Step 1 exam and how he developed and used Picmonics in medical school (and shares advice on how you can too). Seriously great info on a fun way and proven way to study in medical school and succeed on your exams.

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About Adeel and Picmonic

Adeel Yang is the co-founder and president of Picmonic, Inc. He received his MD from the University of Arizone College of Medicine. He is a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society and is involved in numerous projects related to improving education for students in the health professions. Plus, he’s a really nice dude. You should follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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This episodes features “Bath” off the Island of Misfit Toys’ album “I Made You Something” featuring the lyrics:

But I’m bathing and behaving
I was handed a diploma after
emerging from this cold scholastic coma
Excised like squamous cell carcinoma

I’ve got a lidocaine throat, I’ve got 2-ton teeth
Pretty much a Green Beret tongue-wreath
You can see a jet of running water
Circumnavigating the edge of my lifestyle
Rinsing the bile off my file

I’ve been exposed to the most loathsome of folks
But when you lather me up with hope like it was pricey lush soap

I could buy a water-proof coffee table and live out of my shower
So that we could settle down here forever

Anthony Sanders is a lyrical savant. Support this talented group of folks. You won’t regret it! In fact, if you’re not listening right now, you are wrong. 😉

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