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Dustyn Williams, MD, cat fancier & lead educator at OnlineMedEd, dissects some questions for your internal medicine learning pleasure & discusses how OnlineMedEd is revolutionizing medical education. Learn how to break down questions for your IM shelf or USMLE/COMLEX exam, find out why OnlineMedEd gives away their best content for free. Plus, find out how you can win a package of freebies from OnlineMedEd.


Dustyn enters the hot seat for our question of the day segment. We cover how to approach IM questions (especially useful for your internal medicine shelf exam) on the boards including high yield content on managing chronic kidney disease, electrolytes, and pancreatitis.

The Interview

Dustyn candidly shares his personal struggle to get into medical school, offers advice on how to learn so you can both retain what you’re taught and keep your soul through the undergraduate medical education process, and tells the story of how his online lectures for third year exploded into the success that is OnlineMedEd. Oh, and if you didn’t know already, OnlineMedEd’s incredibly high-yield lectures for each of the clerkships are all FREE. They’re as good as Goldjan (get it?). 

Go to right now and become a member. Start learning what you need to know to crush your shelf exams, Step 2/Level 2, and succeed in third year.

This Episode’s Freebie

Two ways to win this episode’s contest, which includes 3-months of premium access to the OnlineMedEd platform, a t-shirt featuring OnlineMedEd’s feline mascot, and a copy of Dustyn’s book, The OnlineMedEd Intern Guide. Check out the OME store for product details.

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…Also in this episode

Thanks to Tom Delonge—formerly of blink-182 and frontman for Angels and Airwaves—for letting us use AvA’s, The Flight of Apollo, for this episode. I chose this song for the line “…takes the heart rate up then down even more.” Seriously, listen to the lyrics, these intro songs are carefully chosen. 🙂 

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About Our Guest


Dustyn Williams OnlineMedEd
Dustyn Williams is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. He did his undergrad at Yale, toured the streets of New Haven as a paramedic, then went to Tulane for medical school. He’s a Hospitalist at Baton Rouge General where he’s the Clerkship Director for Tulane students in the LEAD curriculum and Core Faculty for the Baton Rouge General Internal Medicine Residency Program. From teaching technique to curricula, he’s always looking for cutting edge research and data to support it. When not in the hospital or in front of the classroom, he’s creating new content and trying to convince Jamie to put his beloved cat on everything OnlineMedEd.

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