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In this episode, I interview Rishi Desai and Ryan Haynes about the Osmosis platform and how it can help make your medical education personal, efficient, and exciting. Can Angelina Jolie help you score in the 99th percentile on your boards? You’ll have to listen to find out…


Our question of the day concerns a pediatric patient who presents with fatigue and easy bruising. Hint: she’s got a history of repaired aortic stenosis…

The Interview

Ryan Haynes is a second year MD candidate at Johns Hopkins with a PhD in neuroscience from Cambridge. The co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Osmosis, he explains some of the cognitive science behind Osmosis’s approach to medical education.

Prior to becoming the Chief Medical Officer and joining the pediatric infectious disease faculty at Stanford, Rishi Desai was a secret agent, well, an epidemiologic intelligence officer for the Centers for Disease Control (so essentially very similar). He previously headed up Khan Academy about which you can learn more over at our post on the Top YouTube Channels for Medical Education. Here, he breaks down his process for approaching boards-style pediatrics questions.


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…Also in this episode

Music for this episode is brought to you by Hopeless Records. The song is The Dangerous Summer’s Parachute off the album War Paint. TDS completed their run as a band in 2013. But you can check out frontman, AJ Perdomo, on Twitter. He’s still making music that’s well worth listening to.

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