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Why I'm Becoming a Psychiatrist
For our Doximity Match Smarter series, we talk with Nathanial “Ned” Morris, a writer and psychiatry resident at Stanford University plus dissect some Osmosis psychiatry questions.

Our first question of the day from the Open Osmosis platform concerns the differential diagnosis for an amnesiac patient found wandering the streets confused.  We also review questions relating to psychiatric responses to traumatic events, substance intoxication (wait until you hear our mnemonic for PCP intoxication), and personality disorders. Learn about how approaching psych questions on the boards requires unique attention to certain aspects of the clinical vignette compared to material from other specialties.

The Interview

Our Guest today is Nathaniel Morris, a psychiatry resident at Stanford University. Dr. Morris is a writer that has published works in the New York Times, Scientific American, the Chicago Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.

One of his most recent works, an article entitled, “Why I’m Becoming a Psychiatrist“, is an excellent read for any medical student considering the field of psychiatry and can be found here.

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