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Show Update and Interview w/ Pavlok Founder Maneesh Sethi

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In this episode, I give some updates on the future of the show. We also interview Maneesh Sethi, creator of the Pavlok wearable device and discuss how to break the bad habits that keep you from success and create good ones to make you more efficient and keep you on task.

The Interview

Our guest today is Maneesh Sethi, founder of Pavlok. Read more about him on his website Hack the System.

During our conversation we discuss some productivity hacks, enhanced learning, and the wearable “watch-like” Pavlok device which uses an electrical stimulus to create aversions which can help you eliminate your bad habits (snooze button, anyone?). It’s way more high tech (and effective) than just having your daughter yell “don’t bite your nails!!!” every time she catches you in your nervous habit. Plus, there are some potential uses in creating a lasting good habits as well. Maneesh’s company is doing a lot to help people lead better lives. You should definitely listen to this episode and check out to learn more.

This Episode’s Offer

Maneesh has offered a 50 percent discount off the Pavlok device to boardsinsiders. Just go to the Pavlok website and use the code “INSIDETHEBOARDS” at the final checkout page (or click the Pavlok image on this webpage).

…Also in this episode

Music for this episode is courtesy of the World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. The song is “I Can Be Afraid of Anything” off their album “Harmlessness.” Check out TWIABP’s website or follow them on Twitter.


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Click the image above to learn more about Pavlok and use the discount code “InsideTheBoards” for 50 percent off your purchase.

Thanks Maneesh 😉

This Episode’s Sponsor: Audible

Get a free 30-Day trial of Audible by clicking the image above. Audible is how I manage to keep up on my non-medical reading because I can listen while working out, driving, or doing household tasks. I’m currently listening to Randy Shilts’ And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic a fascinating account of the early days of the HIV/AIDS and an instructive exposé for medical professionals on how public health crises might be handled. It’s incredibly narrative and packed with so many insights you just don’t glean from your 2nd year of medical school’s infectious disease course. Highly recommended.

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