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In the final episode of this year’s Match Smarter series, sponsored by Doximity’s Residency Navigator, we discuss pediatrics with Universal Notes’ founder and ITB alum, Dr. Aaron McGuffin. Elizabeth Beeman, ITB co-founder, dissects a pediatrics question from our friends at Osmosis and we announce the winner of our Match Smarter contest.

The QOD(s)

Our questions for today come from the Osmosis question bank and focuses on palpable abdominal masses in children.

The Interview

Our Guest today is Dr. Aaron McGuffin, founder of Universal Notes (listen to episode 7 of the ITB podcast for our discussion with Aaron on medical education and what UN is doing to help medical students). Aaron is a pediatrician and also the director of graduate medical education at King’s Daughters Medical Center. Check out Dr. McGuffin’s Doximity profile.





This Episode’s Freebie(s)

We’re pleased to announce Anthony James, a first year medical student at Case Western Reserve University, as the winner of a $100 Amazon gift card (thanks Doximity). Anthony has an interesting story about how he got to medical school. Check it out here or connect with him on Doximity.

…Also in this episode

Music for this episode is courtesy of Hopeless Records and is from The Dangerous Summer’s  album, War Paint. The track is, Parachute.

Residency Navigator

This Episode’s Sponsor

Get a free 30-Day trial of by clicking the image above. I’m recommending, SmashUSMLE founder and upcoming guest on the ITB Podcast, Adeleke Adesina’s How to Prepare for the Medical Boards which you can read about more on Amazon. It’s a good intro to what you need to think about in preparation for Step 1 of the USMLE or Level 1 of the COMLEX

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