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In part one, Conrad Fischer, Kaplan faculty, author of the immensely popular Master the Boards series, and lecturer extraordinaire discusses the redemptive suffering involved in medical education, gets roasted by Reddit, and provides some wisdom and perspective on USMLE and COMLEX preparation. In part 2, Dr. Fischer provides a whirlwind tour through recent drug development so you can “get current” in under half an hour.


We’re doing things a little different for this two-part episode. In Part 1, Dr. Fischer gets roasted and explains how the the age-old advice from Qoheleth (cf. Ecclesiastes 1:18) applies to medicine. In Part 2, Dr. Fischer provides a rapid-fire review of the latest in drug development and pharmacology, so you can “Get Current” in no time.

The Interview

Dr. Conrad Fischer is an award-winning medical educator, Associate Professor of Medicine at Touro College of Medicine in New York City and a public health advocate. He is the author of numerous USMLE test preparation guides and taught USMLE test preparation for Kaplan Medical. Click the link for his Amazon author page.

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