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Go behind the scenes with Aaron and Bryan from SketchyMedical. In part 1, we do a little learning on a pediatric disease with our Open Osmosis question of the day and discuss Sketchy’s take on the topic (hint: the image above will help you create the space in your brain for everything you need to know about this pediatric disease). In part 2, Bryan and Aaron discuss a little more about how SketchyMedical was founded and what their future plans are to help medical students succeed even more on the USMLE and COMLEX Step 1.

Part One

Part Two


Our Open Osmosis question of the day concerns a pediatric bug that causes (among other things) excessive drooling, inspiratory stridor, and difficulty swallowing.

The Interview

Our guests today are twin brothers, Bryan and Aaron Lemieux from the wildly popular and fun USMLE Step 1 resource SketchyMedical. Sketchy provides complete courses for microbiology (SketchyMicro), pharmacology (SketchyPharm) and…coming soon SketchyPath (see teaser video below). Follow Sketchy on Twitter. 

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…Also in this episode

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SketchyPath … Coming March 29th

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