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The ITB Holiday Gift Guide for Medical Students

Or for yourself… (who are we to judge?)

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Useful/Funny/Awesome Stocking Stuffers for your special med student

1. Netter’s Adult Coloring Book
Because who DOESN’T want to kick back with a box of crayolas and make a polka-dotted adrenal gland?

netters anatomy coloring book

All joking aside, adult coloring books are all the rage. Plus this one may actually help the med-student in your life to score higher in anatomy (or keep it fresh come time for Step 1). Win-win.

2. Portable White Coat Pocket Charger for iPhone, iPad
They’ll be thanking you big time after those long hospital shifts with no time to stop and charge their devices.

portable charger

This charger fits perfectly in a white coat pocket.

3. Bone-shaped ball point pens
Functional and funny, these pens will not only serve useful for you to brush up on your anatomy, but they make it almost impossible for any one to “accidentally” steal your pens on rounds.

We found these to be quite humerus.

4. Noise-cancelling wireless bluetooth headphones
If you’re not sure if these are really necessary in med school, here’s your answer: they are.

headphones noise cancelling

The med student in your life may be trying to save money and get by without these, but in the end, nothing will help them focus more than being able to eliminate the outside noise that distracts them from studying.

5. Whitecoat MedInfo Clipboard
These are self-explanatory… any med student that will be starting their third year this upcoming summer will be eternally grateful for this present.

medInfo clipboard

It’s like a cheat sheet for doctors, along with a hard surface to write notes and/or make doodles to keep from falling asleep on rounds.

6. Stethoscope Tag
Because we all have that one friend who’s stethoscope has disappeared from time to time.

stethoscope tag

This prominent ID tag could help deter ‘accidental theft,” which happens much more often than you’d think. And stethoscopes are not cheap.

7. Syringe Highlighters
Really any highlighters will be appreciated. Color-coding your notes is one of the top five skills you master in med school.

highlighter pens

The syringe style just adds that extra touch of awesome.

8. Medical Student Decorative Wall Clock

Time is the scarcest commodity for medical students and doctors. And since you can’t give that as a gift, you might as well give a reminder to help your med student remember to keep track of it. After all, what gets measured gets managed.

9. Atlas Of A Medical Student Brain Mug

TIme might be a scare commodity for a medical student, but coffee can be found in abundance. And it’s no less essential for most students to stay awake for those marathon study sessions. This mug pairs great with a copy of First Aid

10. Stylus Pen with Hippocratic Oath

“Wherever the Art of Medicine is Loved, There is also a Love of Humanity.” Will using this pen make you look like a gunner? Nope. It’ll make you seem like a huge nerd. But it’s totally worth it. Probably not the kind of pen you want to let the attending borrow though… just saying.

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