Hematology Part 1 – Death by a Thousand Cuts with MedSchoolCoach’s Emile Gordon (plus MedSchoolCoach Minute: Practice Tests) | 2018 Study Smarter Series Episode 7

InsideTheBoards Study Smarter Series for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1

Part 1 with Stewart Bryant and Emile Gordon from MedSchoolCoach covering some high yield hematology questions.  

MedSchoolCoach Minute and offer for ITB listeners

In today’s MedSchoolCoach minute with Sahil Mehta, founder and CEO of MedSchoolCoach we discuss practice exams and how to interpret and appl their results to your own exam preparation. Go to medschoolcoach.com/itb and use the offer code “ITB&MSC” when you sign up to take advantage of 10% of MSC’s coaching and tutoring service. 

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