High Yield Psych Drugs & STATMed Lesson: “The Bad Slash” aka “AGH! I knew that one” (Pharmacology Mini-Episode 3) | 2018 Study Smarter Series

InsideTheBoards Study Smarter Series for the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1


This is a mini-episode covering some high yield psychiatry practice questions from our All-Audio Qbank courtest of the fine folks at Osmosis, the personalized learning platform that manages med school, for you. 

STATMed Lesson

In today’s STATMed lesson we discuss Ryan’s concept of the “bad slash”. You know, that awful that happens when you go through a practice question, immediately cross out the actual correct answer (and then die a little inside when you review the question block and think “GAH! I knew that”. Go to thestatprogram.com/ITB for a special offer on the STATMed Boards Workship only for ITB listeners. 

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