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Top Instagram Accounts Every Med Student Should Follow

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Hopefully by now you’ve read our article, “Ten Twitter Profiles Medical Students Should Follow.”

Now,  check out our top picks from Instagram. There’s some for study, some for inspiration, others with some just irresistibly interesting content.

1. insta_anatomy (Katy Hanson)

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This account posts Katy Hanson’s own original drawings and study materials, and a lot of her illustrations are great pictorial representations of some pretty complicated material. Very useful for studying.

2. medschoolposts


This account uses surgical and clinical photos to teach physical presentations of a variety of medical conditions. In the description of each photo, the poster includes details about such things as the diagnosis, treatment, pathogenesis, and associated risk factors for the condition featured in the image. The images are not categorized in a way that would index them for studying for a specific class, but you still may increase your general medical knowledge just by reading the descriptions when they show up on your newsfeed.

By the way, in the context of medical education: anytime you see the term “epidural hematoma” think middle meningeal artery. Also note the biconvex shape of the blood collection in radiographs.

6. Figure1


Includes a most fascinating “case of the week” and has some seriously awesome surgical cases.

Figure1 also has an exceptional app (used by over 1 million health care professionals). It’s really for anyone in the field no matter where you are in your journey to becoming a doctor. Stay tuned for an upcoming InsideTheBoards Podcast interview with Josh Landy, founder of Figure1 (with, of course, a free Figure1-themed giveaway). It’s gonna be a good one.

7. InsideTheBoards
~a small but great group of followers we’re hoping you’ll join 🙂


Of course, we would appreciate you following the InsideTheBoards Instagram page. Although we are new to Instagram, we want to bring you A LOT of great, high-yield content in the future. So go ahead and follow us too, we promise not to disappoint!

The following accounts may not contain as much study material, but there’s humor and inspiration to help get you through the long days.

So, for the times you need a reminder that there is a light at the end of this tunnel we call med school.

8. medschool_life


This account posts inspirational medicine-related quotes as well as a few must-have swag items to accessorize your white coat.

9. StudentDrDiva


We wrote about @StudentDrDiva in our Twitter article. Seriously, you should follow her on Twitter.

But this diva’s Instagram is so chock full of tips and med student inspiration, we had to give a shout out to her Instagram as well. She posts pictures of everything from inspirational quotes to what pens to buy for rotations.

Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration or some new study tools so you can “Instagram smarter”.

Stay tuned for the next article in our social media series: “The Top YouTube Channels for Med Students.” Please consider sharing this article with your friends. And if we missed something that should be here. Send us an email or leave a comment below. Happy studying.

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