Meet the ITB Team


Dr. Patrick Beeman

Owner, Content Creation, Podcast Host

is a writer and Ob/Gyn. He discovered the Inside the Boards principles through his extensive work on leading exam preparation resources. He has written or edited thousands of questions for three of the largest board review question banks. Until recently he served as the Director of Content for a leading national question bank, where he was responsible for writing and editing questions as well as training authors to write outstanding material. He also works as an advisor for, which serves medical school applicants. He has been a contributing author for the popular Case Files series. Prior to medical school, he taught logic and philosophy at Cleveland State University and has published over thirty articles both in the popular press and for peer-reviewed publications.*  



Dr. Elizabeth Beeman

Creative design, Marketing/Sales

Is a psychiatry resident at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She has experience teaching the MCAT to pre-med students for several large companies and has worked as a tutor for medical students struggling in classes. She is planning to complete a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. Her areas of expertise include neurology, psychiatry, and pharmacokinetics.