Pediatrics Resources

The resources hand-picked by us here at ITB are chosen based on student reviews and our own expertise into the field of board study. To further assist you in choosing a resource to purchase, we have included a top amazon customer review for each resource.


Case Files Pediatrics

Great way to learn on the go while you are on rotations. Each case doesn’t take long so you do 1 or 2 cases while waiting to see patients. They do a great job of explaining differential diagnoses. Also really enjoy the questions at the end of each case to solidify what you are learning.

BRS Pediatrics

Remember, pediatrics is a massive subject, and BRS is a large, dense book by necessity. But it’s an easy read and the impeccable organization allows you to go shallower on subjects that you feel confident on.


Pre Test Pediatrics

A great book to have around during downtime on rotations. The format lends itself to quick 10 min reads vs the longer sessions I found necessary with other textbooks. Not recommended as a sole resource, but pairs well with BRS, UWorld etc