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The ITB brand is home to 7 unique podcasts that have been downloaded over 1.5 million times as well as our mobile app that helps students study on-the-go with USMLE-style practice questions for Step 1 and Step 2. Our mission is to help students “think like a question writer” so that they can study more efficiently, meet their target scores on exams, and ultimately be less anxious and more confident when taking the boards.

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We look for partners more than simply “advertisers”.  We prefer to work with our collaborators to customize creatives, campaigns, ad copy, and the format of their sponsored content to best fit our platform and achieve their marketing goals. Our relationship with our listeners is based on trust and goodwill. They support our sponsors as a way of supporting us. Contact us so we can develop a relationship that mutually benefits your company, our audience, and InsideTheBoards.

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  • Over 15k unique monthly listeners
  • 90% is in the 23-34 age range
  • First through Fourth year med students

Last updated 4/1/2021

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