Surgery Resources

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Dr. Perstana’s Surgery Notes

This is all you need to do well on the shelf exam. I usually averaged around 79 or 80 on shelfs- nothing special. But surgery was my second highest score- I got an 86. All I did was read this book twice (it’s short so you better be able to pretty much recite it) and did the 100-150 or so UWorld questions for surgery.

NMS Surgery Casebook

Great book! I wish I had bought this at the start of my Surgery rotation. It explains everything you need to know for surgery. It highlights H&P findings, investigations, procedures and complications for common cases you will see on rotation. It also has really nice images for anatomy. I think this book is a lot more comprehensive than Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes. I would highly recommend this book not only for your surgery rotation, but also for the boards.


Case Files Surgery

Excellent cases with utility both on the wards and on the shelf exam. Recommend reading a case or two between surgeries throughout your rotation if possible.