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Youtube for Medical School

We combed YouTube for the best meded content. Here are our picks. Want to just watch the sample videos we chose? Click here for the complete playlist.

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1. Khan Academy Medicine
~388k subscribers

Khan Academy’s YouTube channel is a must see for meded contnet. Started by Sal Khan, the channel boasts high-quality, masterfully taught lessons on subjects that are relevant throughout medical school. Their cardiology videos are some of the best you’ll find online. Videos are generally short, sweet, and to the point, usually no more than 5-12 minutes but well-illustrated to drive home the high-yield points.  Check out the KhanAcademy website, too. They have even more high yield videos under the “health and medicine” subheading (you’ll want to look for videos with “advanced” in the title).

2. iMedicalSchool
~50k subscribers

This channel is a great resource to supplement lecture material for 1st and 2nd years. Topics like glycolysis and bacteriology are very well done. You can also find great resources for 3rd year and beyond, with topics like reading EKGs and iron deficiency anemia.

3. USMLE Algorithms
~10k subscribers

The good news is, this account has over 40 excellent videos that can help you to learn essential diagnostic algorithms. Excellent stuff for 3rd year students preparing for Step 2. The bad news is they haven’t uploaded a new video in about 5 years so we may not see any more videos from this excellent channel.

4. Lecturio Medical Videos
~25k subscribers

“Worldwide leading medical experts” lecturing on topics that span 1st through 3rd year medical education. This is a great channel, and Lecturio‘s platform can also be a great resource for medical students who would like access to even more videos. We recommend trying the YouTube channel first, since it’s free and basically a small sampling of what you could receive with a premium subscription.

5. Strong Medicine
~23k subscribers

First of all, this channel gets bonus points for having Zach Braff as “JD” do their intro.  Strong Medicine provides free medical education through Dr. Eric Strong’s YouTube channel. This channel has a few “tip videos” in which Dr. Strong explains topics like “How to Study in Medical School” and “Tips for New Docs“. But the really great part about this channel is the exceptional content and quality of the videos aimed at prep for years 2-3. If you want a great lesson on interpreting chest X-rays, pulmonary function tests, or EKGs, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be able to use this channel as a resource even into residency, and with new content being posted all the time, this channel is making a good effort to stay relevant and up-to-date.

6. Osmosis
~57k subscribers

Osmosis produces great content for test preparation. The free videos on their YouTube channel are no exception. Think of this channel when need  a clear, concise explanation of pathophysiology. The videos are well-illustrated, professional, and provide exceptionally simple explanations for some fairly high-yield, complicated topics. Especially good are the videos on neurology/psychiatry topics such as epilepsy, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and cerebral palsy.

And don’t forget to check out our podcast’s “Study Smarter” series. We’ve partnered up with Osmosis’s free open access meded platform Open Osmosis to deliver some of their content on the show.

Osmosis is the only system that analyzes your coursework and intelligently recommends personalized quizzes, mnemonics, videos, and reference articles. It’s got over 2500 multiple choice practice questions, 15,000 flashcards, a huge library of mnemonics and reference articles for your preclinical coursework and board preparation. Plus, Osmosis has one of the best mobile apps for medical education. You can try it all out for free.


7. OnlineMedEd
~16k subscribers

You’ll want to check out OnlineMedEd if you’re studying for the USMLE Step 2/COMLEX Level 2 or a shelf exam.

The OME YouTube channel features access to Dustyn Williams’ lectures especially for interns, which, despite their name, are really helpful for establishing differential diagnoses… a useful tool even if you’re still in medical school.  Every 2nd-year (and beyond) could benefit from watching the video shown above, it is by far one of the best step-wise classifications of antibiotic classes and when to prescribe them.

OnlineMedEd started out on YouTube. Now their videos for clinical rotations have been moved to their website, but guess what? They’re still free. Just register on their website for a free account.  Dustyn is “as good as Goljan” when it comes to explaining all the material you need to do well during third year. Oh, and listen to our interview with Dustyn on the ITB podcast. It’s one of our best episodes.

8. Med School Made Easy
~33k subscribers

MedSchoolMadeEasy is especially useful for their videos that focus on physical exam findings. Think of them when you’re studying for OSCEs or when CS is coming up. There are also dozens of 5-6 minute videos aimed at explaining various diseases and differential diagnosis.

9. USMLE Success Academy
~46 k subscribers

USMLE Success Academy offers a free, three month trial of their step one online prep program. And the free video content on their  YouTube channel is among the best FOAMed out there. They created playlists for categories like behavioral medicine, biostatistics, genetics, etc. Very much worth checking out.

10. Ftplectures
~111k subscribers

From Adeleke Adesina, friend of ITB, author of  “How to Prepare for the Medical Boards: Secrets for Success on USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1” and founder of SmashUSMLE. This  channel is a must-subscribe. Dr. Adesina’s lectures on cardiology are golden. Explaining heart sounds, EKGs, and irregular rhythms  in an easy-to-understand way is definitely his strength. The sheer amount of content on this channel is impressive. There are over 300 hours of lectures to watch and all are easily searchable for more subject specificity.

Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Adeleke on the ITB podcast.
Adeleke Adesina's How To Prepare for The Medical Boards

Listen to “How to Prepare for the Medical Boards” for Free. Click the image to start your free Audible trial. 

Top YouTube For Medical School

Here’s a playlist with all the top picks mentioned in this article

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