About ITB

We are different

You’ve focused on learning the “what” since college. But the same rules don’t apply in med school. Thankfully we found the other team’s playbook. No. Med school isn’t the enemy. But it is kind of like a game, right? Our goal is to teach you the rules, so you can do better with having to study more or work harder. We focus on teaching the “why.”

We Want to Help You

Just like the North, ITB remembers. We remember what it was like to study all our waking hours to get a score that didn’t reflect the effort put in. The resources we recommend, the content we put out, the choice of companies we’ve developed relationships, the products and services we’re developing all reflect that memory.

Survive Lincoln Osiris

We want to give back

We want to give you quality material. We’ve got a blog where we tell you the stories and give you the advice that helped others not just get through medical school. But to thrive! Our podcast breaks down questions to teach you the principles of effective study. And we continue to review and recommend resources that are proven effective and make studying less painful…So you don’t have to waste valuable time figuring out which resources to use.

We’re Trying to Make this Fun

Studying doesn’t have to be filled with dread. Neither does med school. Yes, it can be tough. But you can still have a life. Even a good one. InsideTheBoards wants to help you retain that idealism and wonder which pushed you to get into medicine, No one wants a curmudgeon for a doctor. And we think competence and excellence pair very well with good humor. Like a pretentiously French wine with a decent Lobster roulade (google it, we had to in order to make this simile).

ITB’s Avenues of Service

What do we offer?

  • 01

    The ITB All-Audio Qbank offers students the ability to study while they’re doing other things like working out or cleaning or driving to class.

  • 02

    Free podcast featuring interviews with board prep leaders and episodes dedicated to teaching you ITB principles via question dissections. And we usually give away free stuff. FREE. STUFF.

  • 03

    ITB blog featuring high yield content, study advice, recommended resources, useful tips (like our meded social media series), meded entertainment, and more.

  • 04

    Curated resources you can trust. We selected the very best options for your study needs. If it’s something we recommend, you can trust that it’s worth your time.

Who are we?

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Beeman headshotElizabeth Beeman (Shelley) is a psychiatry resident at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She has worked as an MCAT instructor and advisor for MedSchoolCoach. She is planning to complete a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry. Her areas of expertise include neurology, psychiatry, and pharmacokinetics.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Beeman headshot

    Patrick C Beeman, is a writer and Ob/Gyn. He has written or edited thousands of questions for three of the largest board review question banks and served as the director of content for a leading question bank until recently. He contributed to the Case Files series. Prior to med school, he taught logic and philosophy and has published thirty articles in the popular and academic press.

  • You  Guy Fawkes InsideTheBoards

    We’re always looking for people who would like to help host or produce the podcast, write articles for the blog, help with the website, help teach webinars, write content, etc. If you’ve got an idea, email us at info@insidetheboards.com. Help us build something grand. (All positions come with free Guy Fawkes mask…)